About Us

Casey & Layne Moss first met on the playground at Kindertown preschool in Lake Tahoe, California, although it wasn’t until many (many, many) years later that the sparks flew.  It’s been 39 years since they met and in that time they have married had two children, Piper a spunky girl with a heart of gold and Bode a fun-loving boy with heart full of love, and now own a business.  Together they are the heart and soul of Condor Document Services.

Casey Moss grew up in Lake Tahoe where he spent his days riding the mountains on his trusty Burton Performer snowboard.  When it came time to put up the board and get serious Casey attended Sonoma State University (Larry Allen’s alma mater). Casey chose a degree in Business after watching his father, Al, run multiple businesses in Lake Tahoe.  Working along side his dad for several years in the service industry he learned many valuable skills and became a stupendous numbers guy and an astounding problem solver.  Although Casey is a Nevada native, he has embraced the Texas culture and can smoke meat with the best of em’.  Layne describes Casey as an old school, down-to-earth circus peanut eatin’ guy who always puts friends and family first.

Layne also grew up in Lake Tahoe; a small town nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Although she spent many days on the snowy slopes, her passion was for dirt bikes.  Much to her parent’s dismay, she spent most of her time (and money) racing motocross.  Earning her degree in between races she focused her efforts on her love of the arts.  Layne attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara where she earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Art.  She is a dreamer who loves to imagine where she wants to go, but doesn’t worry about how to get there, often having to be reminded by her realistic husband how to get from point A to point B.  Casey describes her as a hip, messy cook, shoe lovin’ tough cookie.