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On-Site vs. Off-Site

In the past three years many of the large national shredding providers have made a gradual shift from on-site shredding to off-site shredding. Before we get into why this gradual shift happened, let me first define the two. 

On-site shredding occurs at a customer’s facility with a mobile shredding unit, ensuring that all confidential information is destroyed immediately before leaving the property. Off-site shredding occurs away from a customer’s facility. Confidential information is transported, intact, to a secondary location to be destroyed at a later date. 

As I mentioned above, the large national providers have shifted away from on-site shredding, not because it is a more secure option for their customers, but because it is a more cost effective and better for their bottom line. Personally, I would rather have my confidential information destroyed immediately rather than at a “later date” after being handled multiple times. While on-site shredding may not be as “cheap” as off-site shredding, it does provide customers with a priceless piece of mind.

We offer on-site document shredding at very competitive rates and provide a level of service that the large national providers cannot match. If you are tired of being a customer number, give us a call! 

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